COVID-19 Shakes Major League Baseball Again

Baseball: - 01-08-20

(New York) The coronavirus has forced Major League Baseball to change its schedule again, bringing the total number of teams affected to eight after just nine days of relaunch.


Friday's game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals was postponed after two Card players tested positive for COVID-19.

MLB announced the schedule change just hours before the first pitch. In a statement, she said the postponement of the game in Milwaukee "is consistent with the protocols to allow sufficient time to conduct additional tests and ensure that all people who have been in contact (with infected players) are traced. ".

The Cardinals have meanwhile indicated in another statement that they learned Thursday evening of the positive results of the samples collected Wednesday. Players and staff have been instructed to self-isolate in their Milwaukee hotel rooms. The team did not leave it to go to Miller Park on Friday.


“The team is currently carrying out a series of tests on all members of its contingent as quickly as possible, in addition to following up on contacts and will continue to remain in isolation. "

The Brewers and Cardinals plan to resume their season on Saturday at Miller Park, based on test results and contact tracing. Friday's match will be resumed in a doubles program on Sunday.

"We support Majorball's decision to postpone the game to (Friday) and look forward to playing our first home game as soon as conditions are safe," Brewers general manager David Stearns said in a statement. The health and safety of our players and employees is and will continue to be our priority. "

Two more meetings scheduled for Friday involving the Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies have already been postponed due to an outbreak of cases among Marlins players and two positive cases within the Phillies staff.

The Cardinals played at Minnesota on Tuesday and Wednesday before enjoying a day off Thursday. The Twins played host to the Cleveland Indians on Thursday. The latter used the same locker room as the Cardinals.

It's unclear if the Twins and Indians will move forward with their meeting scheduled for Friday. The Indians are to hold a meeting early in the afternoon to discuss the situation.

After just one week of its shortened season of 60 games in 67 days, Major League Baseball is scrambling to change its schedule.

The Marlins haven't played since Sunday. Their situation also resulted in schedule changes for the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles.

The Florida team also learned Friday of the positive result for another of its players, bringing its total to 18 players and two staff, according to a person familiar with the situation. The source, who requested anonymity since no announcement has been made, said no member of the Marlins has severe symptoms.

The infected Marlins left Philadelphia by bus on Friday for Miami, where they will remain in quarantine. The trip will take approximately 18 hours.

The rest of the team will spend the weekend in isolation in Philadelphia, where they have been confined since the start of this outbreak. We don't know when or where their next meeting will take place.

Executives are concerned about the latest positive result for the Marlins, which comes five days after the team was reunited, when they beat the Phillies.

To help with all of those game postponements, the MLB and the Players' Association agreed on Thursday to implement seven-inning doubles programs for the 2020 season, according to another source. No official announcement has yet been made.