Phillies COVID-19 outbreak: Jays-Phillies series postponed

Baseball: - 30-07-20

Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo has confirmed that the upcoming series against the Philadelphia Phillies has been postponed.


The Pennsylvania training has reported two positive COVID-19 cases among its staff and all activities at Citizens Bank Park are canceled until further notice.

By videoconference ahead of the scheduled evening game against the Washington Nationals, Montoyo said the team has yet to finalize travel plans for the remainder of the week.

The Phillies said tests on Wednesday found two positive results: a member of the coaching staff and a locker room employee. No player has tested positive.


The Jays were scheduled to play a doubles program on Saturday and another meeting on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies have not played since the discovery of the coronavirus outbreak in the Miami Marlins on Monday. The Florida team played the first series of the season in Philadelphia last weekend. The next four games against the New York Yankees, two in Philadelphia and two at Yankee Stadium, have been postponed.

Major Baseball said on Wednesday that the series between the Jays and the Phillies would only be played after uniformed Phillies players and staff tested negative for a second straight day. An employee assigned to the opposing locker room had already tested positive at that time.

Major Baseball did not immediately respond to requests for interviews on this topic.

The Jays were to act as the host team in Philadelphia. The Torontonians will play their home games in opposing stadiums until their temporary home in Buffalo is ready. It must be by August 11.